Leigh + Craig @ Makaranga

9 Feb

Hello Brides…. This is one of my favorite recent weddings and I thought I would repost it so that you can be welcomed by something special when you open our blog page..


From day one Leigh new exactly what she wanted her dream wedding to look like! Leighs mother Barbara, was very involved in the planning process and was at Leigh’s side every step and decision of the way. With a few Labola tweaks, a little hubby insight, and mother and bride feedback we were able to capture the style of the couple perfectly. Leigh is a girly girl, who knows what she wants, she loves prettiness and sparkle, where Craig is laid back and calm type of guy…with their personality combo it is easy to say that the decor reflected Leigh’s girly side and Craig’s calm side, with a few soft toned colours to balance all the sparkle.

After weeks of rain we were afraid that Leigh + Craig’s vision of getting married in a garden would come to an abrupt end, but by luck or chance or fate, the skies cleared and the sun baked! The ceremony was set in the stunning Blue Pond @ Makaranga Garden Lodge. The bride looked beautiful, the groom was filled with joy, and the backdrop was that of a fairytale! Congratulations Leigh + Craig…thank you for allowing Labola to be a part of your special day!


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