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5 Nov
Thank you for your order, Humphry’s Automotive!

Your payment has been approved!

Order Number: 215626150
Billing Address
Humphry’s Automotive
1092 Lillington Hwy

Spring Lake, NC 28390

Shipping Address
Humphry’s Automotive
1092 Lillington Hwy

Spring Lake, NC 28390

Part(s) we billed you for
Control Arm 1998 Dodge B3500 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L Mevotech Control Arm B3500 Mevotech
Part #:
Amount charged for this shipment: 4265
Please note that the above amount represents partial shipping, handling and tax if applicable. You will receive another email when the rest of your order ships.
Full Order Total: 6820
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FAQs about Payments:
“When will I be charged for my order?”
If you paid via debit or credit card, you are charged once your order ships. If you ordered multiple items, there is a possibility that not all will ship together, so you might see multiple charges on your card, never exceeding your order total. If you used an instant payment method, you will be charged when your order enters our system.

“I was told I would not be charged until my order shipped, but there is a hold on my account for the order total. Why?”
At the time of purchase, a pre-authorization is done on your card for your full order total. Your financial institution typically puts a hold on this amount. As your order ships, we charge you (in increments, if you’ve ordered multiple products shipping from different warehouses) against the original pre-authorization. If for any reason one of your items does not ship, the hold for that amount will be dropped. It may take 2 to 5 business days for the hold to drop, at the discretion of your financial institution.

FAQs about Shipping:
“When will I receive my tracking number?”
Most customers receive their tracking number within 24 to 48 hours from ordering. There are some exceptions for custom orders and items that are made to order, – In some instances it can take a little longer.

“Do you ship orders on holidays or the weekend?”
Currently, we ship orders on business days (M-F). While we process orders in the warehouse on the weekends, we do not ship out on weekends or holidays. For orders shipped Overnight or 2nd Day, carriers reserve the right to extend delivery time by 24 hours for residential deliveries. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control and shipping charges cannot be refunded for this reason.

“Why do I have multiple tracking numbers for one order?”
To ensure timely delivery of your product, not all items on your order may have shipped from the same warehouse. We ship from the warehouse closest to you, where the item is in stock. If you ordered multiple items that have been separated into different shipments, you will receive a tracking number for each of your shipments.

FAQs about Lost or Damaged Orders:
“My item(s) arrived damaged. What should I do?”
Please contact our Customer Service Department at APW by calling 1-801-214-2997, option 3. We will get this resolved. Select Customer Service from the phone menu.

“My shipment arrived but I’m missing items. What should I do?”
Multi-item orders are sometimes shipped in multiple packages. It may be that you have an additional package that has yet to arrive. Feel free to call our Customer Service Department if you think there may be a problem with your order, at 1-801-214-2997, option 3. You have up to 30 days after placing your order to report an issue like this with your order.

“My package never arrived, but the courier says it has been delivered.”
If it has been 7 days from the date of delivery, and you have still not received your package, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-801-214-2997, option 3. We will get this resolved by working with the courier.

FAQs about Canceled Orders and Returns:
“I’d like to cancel my order. Is it too late?”
Because the items on this email are being prepared for shipment, it is too late to cancel at this point. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-801-214-2997, option 3 to discuss other options. If you need to return the product, please contact our Returns Department at 1-801-214-2997, option 4, or request an RMA online.

“How long do I have to make a return?”
Generally, you may return products for up to 30 calendar days from date you ordered. Your 30 days to return runs from the day you ordered to the date stamped on your returned package. All returns need a Return Merchandise Authorization Number. To acquire an RMA number, please contact our Returns Department at 1-801-214-2997, option 4, or request an RMA online.

“Are there any items that cannot be returned?”
Service manuals and books are not returnable for any reason.

Parts that have been installed, welded, modified, cut, molded etc. may not be returned.

Tires and Wheels must be returned in the original packaging without being installed or mounted.

Electronics may not be returned. (i.e. diagnostic, chip technology etc.)

Price Match Guidance
Contact us prior to your purchase, we price match most online competitors. All orders must be placed with a Sales Professional by phone or email.

  1. All parts to be price matched must be in stock on the website of the competitor.
  2. We do not match the price of parts that are out of stock or backordered.
  3. We will price match the exact part and brand only.
  4. Total price should include the part, core (when applicable), shipping and handling. All must be a part of the competitor’s total price for the price match.
  5. We do not price match local automotive retailers, such as O’Reilly, Napa, Auto Zone or Pep Boys etc.
  6. We reserve the right not to price match.

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